SkyRise offers several floor systems,

           each with their own application and performance benefits...




  • Permanent Stay-in-Place Steel Form System

  • 8” Deck Depth - Spans up to 35 feet!

  • 1 hr Fire Rating without Drywall Ceiling

  • 1.5hr & 2 hr Fire Ratings with Drywall Ceiling

  • 30% Less Concrete than Traditional Cast in Place

  • Low Floor-to-Floor Height

  • Superior Fast Track Solution

  • Minimal Temporary Shoring Requirements

Composite Metal Deck Panels prepared in 6 piece sections on the ground to accelerate installation process...

Composite Metal Deck Panels lifted into place individually, and connected to supporting wall panels...

Pre-connected Composite Metal Deck sections lifted into place, and connected to supporting wall panels...

Composite Metal Deck in place complete with rebar, wwm, and sleeving prior to concrete pour....

Composite Metal Deck Floor Systems shored and ready for concrete pour above....

Concrete pour and slab finishing...




  • Small Span-to-Depth Ratio 

  • 8”/10”/12”/14” Depths

  • 20’-32’ Lengths / Spans

  • 2 hr Fire Rated

  • Smooth Ceilings Ready for Stipple or Paint

  • No Concrete to Pour on Site

  • Optional Topping

Precast Concrete Panels are pre-engineered and pre-manufactured within a controlled facility ready for shipment to site...

Panels are lifted into place individually, and connected to supporting wall panels...

Precast Concrete Balconies are a very popular choice for it's speed, quality finish, and thermal break from interior building floor slab...

Precast Concrete Balcony steel supports (forks) are connected to vertical HSS columns within panelized SkyRise Wall Panels...

Corner cantilevered precast concrete balconies on resting on steel support forks. Through-wall venting carried under balcony and vented through aluminum soffit, eliminating need for vent boxes within walls.  




  • Enhanced Strength Due to Composite Action between Steel and Concrete

  • Spans up to 43 FT (13.1m) without Shoring

  • Maximum Mechanical Access

  • Less Concrete & Rebar than Conventional Slabs

  • Long Span without Shoring reduces interior Load-Bearing Walls  (Joist Depths: 8” to 24”)

  • Fire Protection: 1-4 Hrs Fire Ratings

  • Acoustical: STC 57 / IIC 30 Ratings

View from below. Notice freedom of mechanical/electrical access within floor system.  Furring channels at 24' o.c. ready for ceiling drywall...

Hambro joists and plywood are lifted into place, and connected to supporting CFS wall panels via integrated hot rolled distribution channel

Composite Floor Joists are identified, packaged, and shipped in easy to manage bundles for quick and efficient installation.

Panelized SkyRise Wall Panels include integrated hot rolled distribution beams pre-welded to top of wall supporting studs.



Light Steel Joists are available in many styles, each with varying web depths and steel thickness options.  Below are only a few examples...

STANDARD C SHAPE JOISTS  (individual joists or panelized)

  • 8” / 10” / 12” / 14” / 16” Depths - Spans up to 26’

  • CFS Joists can be Panelized for Onsite Efficiency

  • Prepunched Holes for HVAC, Electr. & Plumbing


Choose from many Fire/Sound Rated Assemblies:

  • Concrete & Metal Deck on CFS Joists

  • OSB & Metal Deck on CFS Joists

  • T&G OSB or Plywood on CFS Joists

  • Lightweight Gypcrete on Wood Sheathing

  • Non Combustible 4x8 Structo-Crete Panels on CFS Joists

Cold Formed Steel C-Shape Joist Floor Panels speed up on site installation.  Floor sheathing or metal decking installed on site.

C-Shape Joist Floor Panels erect quickly and easily, and require fewer tradesmen on your jobsite.  Measuring and cutting is reduced dramatically along with errors associated with conventional building methods. Scrap and debris is minimized, resulting in a cleaner and safer work environment.

Cold Formed Steel C-Shape Floor Joists combined with USG's Structo-Crete non-combustible floor sheathing gives you a 100% non-combustible floor system that feels like a concrete floor without the need to pour concrete.  Structo-Crete structural concrete panels are 4' x 8' x 3/4" thick and weigh approximately 5.3 psf.

Cold Formed Steel C-Shape Floor Joists combined with metal deck and concrete offers a light weight concrete floor solution with the benefits of having a joist space to run mechanical and electrical services, and reduce the amount of bulkheads and boxing required..



  • Compiled by the Steel Framing Alliance and Canadian Steel Construction Council

  • Contains current and complete range of fire and sound-rated cold-formed steel assemblies as listed by recognized testing agencies



(individual joists or panelized)


  • Precision roll formed flanges & stamped rim of each opening provides greater stiffness for heavier loads and longer spans

  • Open-web design provides built-in paths for installing conduit, plumbing & HVAC

  • A higher strength-to-mass ratio than conventional studs & joists delivers proven structural performance and longer unsupported spans to simplify construction

  • Superior fire resistance in UL & ULC fire rating certification tests

  • Flexibility of sizes & configurations, with weights of 15 – 40% less

  • Custom lengths, knockout alignments, & solid web ends are manufactured to specification and extremely tight tolerances

  • Reduced Sound Transmission and Excellent STC ratings on walls and floors