SkyRise offers limitless options to achieve the exterior look you want.  STO Studio will work with you and your Architect to help you visualize your selections.

Our design group will join your project team and collaborate to complete 

structural design, permit drawings, and 

required shop drawings.

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SkyRise manufactures structural wall panels and pre-finished STO Panels for every project within our own controlled indoor facilities.  Cold formed steel framing components are assembled on state-of-the-art compression tables, and welded completely providing maximum strength, quality and durability. 

SkyRise installation services transforms your building site into centre stage. Just sit back and watch the show.  Prefabricated components rise up swiftly to form building structures, enclosed and ready for remaining trades. Our buildings don't just build just seems that way!



  • Pre-determined and carefully controlled installation time.

  • Increased productivity as a result of experienced fabricators.

  • Construction schedule compression: panels can be manufactured while your site is being excavated and are ready for installation as soon as the site is ready.

  • Reduced onsite clutter and interference (i.e., scaffolding and debris).



  • Lower structural requirements than precast due to lightweight prefabrciated panels.

  • Reduced jobsite manpower needed for exterior wall installation.

  • Jobsite scaffolding unnecessary for exterior wall installation.



  • Precisely engineered prefabricated panels and connections.

  • Quality controlled fabrication: skilled craftsmen fabricate panels in a climate-controlled environment and materials adhere to strict manufacturers’ recommendations (including temperature and humidity requirements) under a stringent QA/QC program.

  • Extensive shipping protection prevents damage to the panels’ factory-precise finish.

  • Code compliant systems.

  • Single source warranty.

  • Experienced panel installers.

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SkyRise Prefab is a Canadian Affiliate for STO Panel with exclusivity in the province of Ontario.  We design, manufacture, and install pre-finished STO Panels to STO's exact specifications and high quality standards. .

SkyRise manufactures structural wall panels within controlled indoor facilities. Cold formed steel framing components are assembled on state-of-the-art compression tables, and welded completely, providing maximum strength, quality and durability. 

SkyRise will integrate its wall systems with almost any structural system, such as cast-in-place concrete, hot rolled steel, mass timber, precast concrete, etc.  Learn more here...

Our structural design, virtual CAD modelling and shop drawing production methods streamlines your design process...

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Wall, floor and roof systems are prefabricated within controlled manufacturing facilities with state of the art equipment...

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Prefabricated building structures are greatly simplified for a safer and more efficient onsite construction process...