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SkyRise Prefab is the leading Canadian panel manufacturer providing StoPanel, a high-performance envelope panel that is lightweight and architecturally finished.

Our corporate strength and reliability is attributed to our team of passionate highly-experienced select individuals, some of who have been in the structural LSF, and EIFS construction industry well over 25 years.   SkyRise is revolutionizing the building construction market by providing off-site building solutions that improve quality, save money, compress construction schedules, reduce the weight of structures, and preserve the environment by reducing energy requirements significantly.  SkyRise is also revolutionizing Architectural flexibility, by providing the most advanced and aesthetically superior finishes available today.




SkyRise Prefab was formed when a group of highly experienced individuals in building construction/design, LSF panelized structures, and exterior finishing systems teamed up and set out to offer Canadian builders and developers some of the most compelling modern building solutions available today. They also strategically aligned themselves with world class manufacturers of revolutionary building products to ensure they would remain at the forefront of emerging technologies.

In fact, in May of 2019, STO SE & Co. (Stuhligen, Germany) purchased Skyrise Prefab.  STO is an international technology leader in the design and production of innovative building materials tailored to human needs. STO’s wall systems, coatings and finishes have been the choice of leading architects, engineers and contractors for 61 years, and STO is the world’s largest manufacturer of exterior thermal insulation systems, with 35 subsidiaries, more than 5000 employees, and 21 factories operating around the globe. 


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