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  • Predictable, Faster Deliveries

  • Reduced Weather Delays

  • Pre-Determined & Carefully Controlled Installation Time

  • Pre-Building Ahead, Storing, and Delivering On Demand

  • Reduced Multi-Trade/Supply Coordination

  • Faster Installation due to Panelized Prefab

  • Increased Productivity due to Factory Assembly & Finishing

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StoPanel will greatly reduce the time of building envelope installation and make the most of your construction calendar.  The off-site prefabrication process allows us to begin manufacturing your wall panels in advance, saving time and allowing for accelerated installation upon arrival to site.

Indoor off-site manufacturing means no weather delays.  Wall panels are wrapped and loaded in sequence, to make site installation as efficient as possible.  Skyrise reduces multi-trade/supply coordination, and frees up your resources to coordinate your other important tasks.

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