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  • Reduced Weather Delays

  • Lower Structural Requirements due to Lightweight Nature of Panels

  • Smaller Footings / Foundations

  • Reduced Skilled Site Labour & Crew Sizes

  • Eliminate Jobsite Scaffolding

  • Reduce Overall Concrete Volume

  • Reduce Drywall Furring, Boxing and Strapping

  • Reduce Concrete/Masonry Chiseling and Coring

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Indoor wall panel production means "No Weather Delays".  In fact, while your foundations and/or structure are being constructed on site, Skyrise is pre-fabricating your wall panels in sequence ready for delivery, when you're ready.

StoPanel's unitized assembly means "No Scaffolding Required".  Our panels arrive to your project site pre-finished, and are erected in place by mobile or tower crane.  This not only eliminates the need for scaffolding, but significantly speeds up installation, and greatly reduces site manpower requirements and associated safety risks.

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